Korean Fusion - Fried Green Kimchi

I’ve been hard at work in the kitchen developing new fusion recipes! I’m so excited to finally share them with y’all! Beginning November 1-22 I will be posting one Korean fusion recipe a day. Most of them are new recipes however, I will be re-posting the fusion I had developed last year in Korea, as well.

So stay tuned, tell your friends, spread the word – November will be “Kovember” on FGK with 22 days of Korean fusion recipes!

Ways to keep up with all these exciting new recipes:

  • Follow me on Instagram – I will be sharing #tbt pictures of my life in Korea and #foodpornfridays (I think I made that up) for pictures of some of my favorite Korean foods.
  • Twitter – I always post pictures & links to new recipes via twitter.
  • Facebook – I always share links to my posts so by liking my FB page, you should get recipe updates on your news feed.
  • Pinterest – I find pinterest to be so useful for collecting new recipes. I post my recipes on here so you can pin them & visit them later when you have time to get to cookin’!
  • SnapChat – (user name friedgrnkimchi) I just got on SnapChat last week & love it! It’s going to be a really useful way for me to share behind the scenes going ons at FGK. However, it’s not the easiest app to figure out. Below is my snapcode. If you go into the SnapChat app & take a picture of my snapcode from here, it should link you to my account so we can be friends. And NO, it’s not for sexting! So keep up with behind the scenes recipe development, etc. via my SnapChat account.


I’ve got lots of good eats in store for you! Spread the word & say kimcheeeeee!!!!


7 thoughts on “Kovember

  1. Ooh can’t wait for all the exciting fusion food things, especially after having those delicious kimchi-cheddar grits yesterday! Let me know if you need any help with taste testing, ya know, for science!


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