My notes on Paris

10 things about visiting Paris including what to expect, tips & useful info.

Mango Sticky Rice

A quick & easy recipe for Thai Mango Sticky Rice. Only 6 ingredients needed!


Last year we hosted Friendsgiving in Korea at a friend’s bar. This year, we hosted again in Singapore, but on a smaller scale since it was at our condo. It was a great time full of puppy cuddles, laughs with friends & plenty of food. Here is a look at the decor since I forgot to take…

2nd Annual Expat Exchange

I just finished participating in the 2nd annual Expat Exchange, hostecd by Diane at Oui In France. This has been such a great idea the past two years. Last year, I exchanged with a family in Poland which I posted about here. I received tons of delicious spices, marinades & drink mixes which I am still…

Pumpkin Pie Spice Brownies

There’s been a lot of Korean fusion on the blog lately but that’s not all that’s been happening in my kitchen. Over the past month, I’ve been working on my first brownie recipe…and it’s seasonal! I LOVE to celebrate the seasons but being in Singapore basically means not having seasons. Singaporeans have a running “Dad joke” about it….

Well Being Bokkembap

If you’ve been making my kimbap recipes, chances are you have a big 0le’ stack of leftover vegetables in your fridge. Most of the vegetables might even be peeled & chopped already. This recipe is just for that! Let’s use up all those healthy vegetables in a Korean way – fried rice! Check out my…

Well Being Kimbap

“Well Being” is a widely used marketing term in South Korea. It could be compared to “organic,” “artisan” or “superfood” in the west. The term is splattered across products, restaurant menus & supermarkets automatically increasing the desirableness & prices of these products. Even non-edible products are also marketed as having qualities that could equal “well being.”…