Oh, hi…

Fried Green Kimchi - Oh hi

I’m still here! It may have seemed as if FGK had gone into the interwebs abyss never to be heard from again. I assure you, I am still here. I’m still thinking about FGK, writing new recipes & taking lots of good travel pics to share. I just disappeared for a little while. Here’s why:

In February, some big & sudden changes came about. Mr. FGK & I had been discussing moving to Singapore. Our contracts in Korea were due to expire at the end of the month. We began interviewing with schools in Singapore & making tentative plans. Still, it was all discussion & all the plans we made were tentative. We didn’t think we’d actually go through with it. And then … we did. We just packed our bags & left for Singapore.

As many expats will tell you, once you’ve made the commitment to living abroad & out of a suitcase, changes can come about very suddenly. We’ve opened our lives to spontaneity. When a new opportunity comes along, it can be as simple as packing our bags & hopping on a plane. It still catches me off guard at times how quickly we can change our entire lives.

We had grown so comfortable in Korea…too comfortable. We had lost sight of adventure & the distinctly Korean things around us. Things that were once so completely exciting & unusual to us, no longer surprised us. It was time to make a change & reopen our eyes to the world around us.

In the span of about two weeks, we accepted new jobs in Singapore, packed up our life in Korea & decided to drive across America for a month in between. We left Korea on Sunday, March 1st. I’ll spare you from too much sentimentality & just sum it up by saying: goodbyes are never easy. No matter how many times I move, it never becomes easy to leave. My time spent living in Korea forever changed me. The people I met in Korea, my experiences there & Korean food are still a part of my life. In a big way.

FGK will continue to explore Korean food. I repeat, FGK has not abandoned Korean food! In fact, my fusion experiments may have only just begun.

Fried Green Kimchi - Singapore Bound

I live in Singapore now. I arrived here April 6th. I spent the first few weeks training for my new job. The next few weeks I was condo hunting & getting settled. Now, I’m back to FGK business as usual.

Oh & did I mention, I live in Singapore now? This place is a mecca for food, spices & culture from all over the world. I think I will thrive here. There is so much to play with & explore. And as you may have noticed, I think about food a lot. This place will be good for me.

Oh yeah, Mr. FGK & I drove across America!!! That’s next up on the blog…

Fried Green Kimchi - Route 66


2 thoughts on “Oh, hi…

  1. The first picture in this post is awesome! It is hard to believe that is in America, it looks so other worldly. Can’t wait to see more pics from your American road trip!!


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