Ghost Cookies in the Classroom

Fried Green Kimchi - Ghost Cookies

I recently made Ghost Cookies to get my students in the spirit of the season. (See what I did there?) I absolutely love Halloween! I also, love baking. I had to find a way to join the two but reasonably so in the classroom.

Fried Green Kimchi - Ghost Cookies

This was easy peasy. I didn’t focus on being too precise since I was making dozens for my kiddos the night before. I knew they would love them, even with some rough edges. I made Martha Stewart’s Sugar Cookie recipe, via ShopGirl, ahead of time. This recipe was delicious & easy to make! And the daisy cookies Maria made couldn’t be cuter! I will have to revisit that idea in Spring.

The cookie shape for my ghosts is actually a tulip cookie cutter turned upside down. Don’t they look like the little Pac Man ghosts? Below are my example ghosts for the kids to see.

Fried Green Kimchi - Ghost Cookies

To decorate, I bought little “choco pens” at the baking supply shop. They are just tubes with hardened chocolate inside. I was able to easily use these since we have a heated water dispenser at the school. I just filled up a cup with hot water & put the tubes in to melt while the kids were studying.

It was great because it was easy for me to do & didn’t take up too much class time. But most importantly, the kids were thrilled. Even one of my more difficult boys was very touched that I brought him homemade cookies. He wrote a story about me being a good ghost that gave candy to all the children in the town. What a brown noser! 🙂

Here are some pics of their cute cookie ghosts (excuse my sloppy glazing job!):

Fried Green Kimchi - Ghost Cookies Fried Green Kimchi - Ghost Cookies Fried Green Kimchi - Ghost Cookies Fried Green Kimchi - Ghost Cookies

What are your ideas for celebrating Halloween in the classroom?


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